Welcome to my Bipolar Manifesto. My name is Dennis. I spent fifteen years of my life as an undiagnosed Type 2 Bipolar and probably a High-Functioning Autistic. Since my diagnosis, I have voraciously devoured all real information I possibly could on Bipolar Disorder and Depression. My Bipolar Manifesto is meant to be a collection of continuously evolving content to help the Depressed, Bipolars, the families of, and anyone else that can relate to have a better life. Through this I hope to make those years of pain, suffering, misery, and loss worthwhile.

Right off, I would like to clearly state what you will not find here. This page is not a rehashing of DSM criteria, makes any attempt to glorify or unnecessarily elevate the mentally ill, and I will not be talking in detail about mental illness from a clinical perspective. There are thousands of other websites that already do exactly that. I do not aim to be a part of that mass, mostly because I feel it’s not all that useful.

Instead, I want you to come away with Hope. Hope that you can have the things you want out of life, that they won’t always be a twisting spiral of misery and mania, that you can have a family, career, or whatever it is you want. The journey may be about as pleasant as crawling on your hands and knees through shards of glass in salt water- but you can make it through.

I am writing my Bipolar Manifesto as a way to turn the fifteen years of misery and confusion into something positive. I could spend my time lamenting my situation, the roads I’ve walked, and how “unfair” it all is. What good would it do? I’m not special. Plenty of other people have gone through horrendous situations of their own. That realization freed me.