I am not a trained, certified mental health professional. I am not a medical professional. I am not a legal professional. I do not provide medical advice or legal advice of any kind. I do not provide crisis services, therapy, diagnosis, or any other type of clinical assistance. The only person who can make the right decisions for a person's mental health care is that person with the assistance of a licensed mental health professional.

By accessing any of my material or services, you agree that your decisions about your life and mental health are yours alone. Speak to your mental health professional BEFORE you make any changes to the way you manage your mental illness, medication, or treatment. If you are in crisis or in danger, notify local authorities immediately!

The material and services I provide are intended to help get other people navigate the confusing circumstances that surround mental health, nothing more. I am a mentally ill person with lived experience and reasonable knowledge of many aspects of life with mental illness, seeking meaningful help, and the confusing gray area that surrounds it all. That's it.

The body of knowledge I provide is context that many mental health professionals and regular people cannot articulate well because they don't have lived experience. A majority of the people that reach out to me are already seeing health professionals.

The information provided does not constitute any type of professional relationship establishing privilege, nor provide any sort of legal privacy privilege, and is not intended to replace any kind of treatment. It is provided solely as a means to help people be more knowledgeable, ask better questions, and communicate more effectively with their loved ones and professionals. 

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What Medication Do You Take?

I have decided to stop answering this question. The answer is entirely irrelevant. It doesn't matter what I take, how much of it, what side effects I experience, or anything else because it has ABSOLUTELY NO RELEVANCE TO ANYONE ELSE BUT ME. You will not know what a medication does to you or what side effects it has until you take it, as prescribed, for as long as it takes to reach a therapeutic range. Body and brain chemistry are very individual things. As a result, you can give 100 mentally ill people the same dosage of a medication and come up with 100 different results. The only way to know is to try a medication for yourself. A medication working or not working well for me means absolutely nothing to you.

About Privacy

Any information you see presented on this site is used with express permission from that person. Do NOT use your full or real name in public spaces (such as blog comments or forums) when discussing mental illness. Search engines can and will associate your name with the posting and it will turn up if someone, such as a loved one or a potential employer, looks you up. I will not sell or share any of your information with anyone. I do not share information between family members or people that know each other who I deal with.