The following feedback and testimonials have all been given by people I have interacted with. Given the sensitive nature of the subject matter, personal details and identification are scrubbed to protect the privacy of those involved.


*     *     *     *     *

I was going through a recent break up with a man who is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and I was trying to understand better the situation.

I read a lot about Bipolar Disorder on the internet – articles and forums. Then I stumbled on your blog, it was the first time I started to have a clearer picture about what Bipolar Disorder really is. After speaking with you, it was easier to understand what my ex was going through. I was calmer myself – it was easier to start the process of letting go of the relationship, while at the same time still being able to offer support to the man I used to love.

I now have a better understanding about what having Bipolar Disorder is like; a rational approach about an otherwise emotional situation which was hard to find on my own; and the most needed knowledge that there is help out there in the world and that there are people who are ready to offer it to those in need, the way you do.

I recommended you and your blog to my ex who had recently stopped being in denial about his Bipolar Disorder and I felt your posts were a good way to start gathering the knowledge he needed if he wants to find his own balance. I will definitely continue to recommend your work whenever there is a person around me that is dealing with Bipolar Disorder.

The way you communicate and the posts you write for me seem like the best way to understand the disorder, to gather knowledge, or to be inspired to search for more knowledge.I feel so grateful that you’re giving help to literally everyone in need – even those like me who cannot pay.

I like the way you approach the people who seek help from you – with a lot of calmness, rationality in the arguments and compassion. A big thank you again for everything you’re doing.


*     *     *     *     *

My husband had been experiencing a manic unwell cycle (unmedicated) for the last year and recently left our home to move in with a woman he just met days prior. It was a confusing issue for me, since it was so out of character for my husband. There were also many other issues related to this unwell cycle such as his emotional distance, spending sprees, lack of empathy, and many other things.

 I have tried multiple times during this cycle to reach my husband and impress upon him that seeking help from a psychiatrist was the best thing for him. We even went to the local mental health assessment where they said he met all the benchmarks for Bipolar I and told him to visit a psychiatrist immediately (all things he ignored). I have also sought help on support forums, trying to find any information I can about what to expect, what to do once his manic cycle ends, and if there was any way to reach him.

 You helped me come to an understanding about the unwell cycle and that until he was no longer in it, I would be unlikely to reach him. It helped prepare me for moving forward while he is unwell and also helped me understand that - even though it feels very personal - it isn't personal. Because it's the illness that is making my husband do these things. You gave me lots of valuable information about what to expect when he does come down and what I can do to prepare for that and help my husband through something that will be difficult for both of us. You also answered all of my questions about his behaviors, making them less confusing for me as you explained them through the eyes of an unwell cycle rather than my own.

 I was able to step back from a very emotional and traumatic experience and view it more objectively and with a plan, armed with lots of information regarding the illness. Speaking to you gave me hope about my situation, because I was able to view my husbands choices as part of his illness and not a reflection of his true feelings when he is well. It helped me feel more grounded and ready to handle what was going on and what would likely happen in the future.

 I have more knowledge now of my husbands illness and it helped explain other things we had encountered previously in our marriage that did not make a lot of sense to me before.

 I have not gotten the support or information from any online group that I really needed. You were able to offer me all the information I needed, you were attentive and responded quickly to all my questions. You never made me feel like I was asking anything dumb and you were patient and kind, which is very appreciated while I go through a very emotionally trying time.

 I could not handle this situation as well as I am right now without your guidance and help, truly. Thank you!


*     *     *     *     *

My girlfriend of over a decade had became mentally ill in what seemed like over night. She ran away with our son. I was very emotional and severely depressed. I tried researching on the internet emailing others in your field as I came across them looking for answers to help her, and support for myself.

 I found that my interaction was very pleasant and informative. You responded quickly to my email asking for help faster than I had anticipated. I found that you genuinely care, and want to help people, and that you didn't require a fee for your advice. Your material is by far the best I've come across that I'm sure has helped a lot of people.

 The best thing about it is that you helped me in my most difficult and desperate time I've ever faced. You gave me your time and your experience all out of the kindness of your heart. You never asked me for payment, instead you gave me valuable advice and information.

 You got me to see that I needed to take care of myself first. If people don't want help there's not much I can do besides go down with them. I didn't listen at first and kept trying to help her, and found myself getting depressed and emotional again.

 The service you provide is amazing and free to the people that really need it, but what you do can't be funded by only you. So if someone was considering to make a donation to please do so, because there's many others that will need your help. I would and already did recommend your material, because it's not textbook information it's real experience information.

 I'd like to add a big THANK YOU! You played a huge role in my recovery. I was in a deep dark hole. You didn't pull me out but you gave me the light and the rope to pull myself out. You provide a great service.

 -Mark R.

*     *     *     *     *

Dear Dennis,

 Can I first congratulate you on your inspirational website, blog and facebook site. You have an amazing incite into an illness from which I have suffered from for over 30 years. Your considered responses to issues raised by both survivors and supporters far exceeds the collective wisdom that I have found available from the numerous mental health services that I have come across in my search for wellness and understanding.

 I strongly believe that you should continue your work and would be ideally suited to partnering with conventional psychiatric providers in a way that rewards your efforts more appropriately for caring so much about an issue that destroys so many lives. Having to rely on voluntary contributions seems to me to be a complete injustice, and you posess such a profound understanding of the issues associated with the illness. I hope that your continued journey finds a path where you meet the peace, joy and financial reward that you so richly deserve. You are the ultimate survivor and I salute you.

 Your fan,


*     *     *     *     *

Ever since my spouse was diagnosed with bipolar, I struggled for months trying to gauge our marriage, our friendship and our relationship within our family.

Through this struggle I found it difficult to find information for those of us who have to help our loved ones during their episodes. By having found Dennis' blogs, I realized the concept of establishing safeguards and boundaries for both myself and for my spouse.

It wasn't until I went through his blogs and informational digests that I realized the potential for growth from this disease and I found hope in his wisdom.

After visits through my own therapy, my spouse's psychiatric appointments and through countless discussions, it seemed a losing battle that rarely addressed the needs of those who care for their loved ones afflicted by this awful illness.

Dennis' discussion threads, blogs and general information helped me understand my role, my purpose and helped me define the illness beyond the medical terminology.

The disease may be a lifelong one, but knowing there is a purpose and a method to taking care of yourself and your loved ones is key to developing strategies to build upon and to grow from. Without Dennis and his obvious dedication to his cause on giving us a down-to-earth explanation and reasoning to the disease and its effects, I highly doubt I could have built the stability we now have in our home.

Thank you

Jon B.

*     *     *     *     *

Recently, a very difficult breakup sent me searching the internet for help. I typed "unmedicated bipolar going through a breakup" and found one of Dennis' blog posts on the subject. He was saying things I had not heard, understood or considered before that made so much practical sense, with a perspective of someone who has been there that also encouraged self compassion. Afterwards, I contacted him through his Facebook page and then by phone. 

I had been in therapy on and off throughout my one year relationship that ended and had been going in earnest after it ended. I had tried a few different medications choosing to terminate there use after I found the side effects to be unbearable. Because of these experiences, I was very scared to try meds again. 

Dennis' writings and communication greatly encouraged me to keep working towards a solution and a path that was actually helpful. He gave me hope that I could have a good quality of life even while living with mental illness. Dennis has been invaluable to my continued treatment, along with my therapist, psychiatrist, family doctor and close friends and family. 

As much as we love our friends and family, they are not often well equipped to deal with those of us that live with mental illness. Dennis taught me that we often look very selfish to them because we are in pain in ways they just can't understand. That was so helpful to me to know but it was even more helpful to have someone who really does understand to talk me through some of the rough patches. 

Dennis gave me his time and thoughtful responses that really helped me get through the long wait to start some helpful meds. He encouraged me to not be as scared to try them again despite my bad experiences with meds in the past. He also gave me a very practical plan of action after we spoke on the phone that I was able to reference when I felt lost. I continue to be more educated on my illness through Dennis' articles and blogposts. I trust his material because of his journey, honesty and the results I've seen in my life. 

Anybody who has mental illness or has family, friends or partners living with mental illness would benefit from Dennis's services and materials. He has such integrity and maintains very professional boundaries. His materials and services are very affordable and well worth the price. He's a hardworking, passionate friend and advocate to those of us who are struggling to find our way in this world despite the difficult hand we've been dealt. 

Dennis is nothing if not brutally honest and is constantly learning more about these topics. He would readily admit it if he came to believe anything he suggested or taught was found to be erroneous. He is trustworthy, open, critical of the status quo and on the cutting edge of what's happening in the world of mental health research. 

Dennis is a great couch and true bipolar friend!

-Melissa E.

*     *     *     *     *

“My husband had been diagnosed Schizoaffective. I was extremely confused and at a crossroads on whether to stay married and how much of our issues should be blamed on mental illness or not. I would ask the psychiatrist questions, but I would get a text book response or “look it up,” which was not helpful. I also talked to a therapist and looked for information on the internet.

 The best thing about talking to Dennis was the human interaction! I was talking to an informed human being about my fears, uncertainties, doubts, and ask questions of someone with no vested interest in the answer. I know that if I need more information, I can always send Dennis an email for a subjective “ear” when I need it. That's important to me as the diagnosis turned my family's life upside-down.

 I would recommend his services and consider that money well spent.”

-Amy D.

*     *     *     *     *

“I met Dennis as I was coming out of the most severe manic cycle that I have experienced. I knew I needed to address my issues before they ruined my life. I had previously been to a psychologist who didn't diagnose me, but believed I was Bipolar as it runs strongly in my family. I knew that what I was experiencing wasn't normal but I wasn't doing much to prevent it or educate myself.

 I appreciate that I was able to handle my questions and concerns with care and attention, without judgment. You made me feel as though my problems and finding stability were important to you. You are someone who is very knowledgeable about Bipolar Disorder who had the life experiences to back it up. I was able to relate the challenges I was facing to you, and you provided clear advice to act on, including what I need professional help on and getting the most out of my appointments.

 I learned that I need to be proactive on my path to wellness. It will be something that I have to fight for and work towards. It will not just be handed to me. I also learned that I wasn't alone in what I was feeling and dealing with.

 I would certainly recommend Dennis. Similar services could cost much more and that as far as I know, you are the only only offering the service that you do. I would say that you have countless hours invested in your work and in helping people and that this is something that you're passionate about. Your work and your time is worth paying for. Peace of mind and stability is worth far more than what you will be charging.”

-Breanna S.

*     *     *     *     *

“I have a sister who is diagnosed with Type 1 Bipolar Disorder, is homeless, refuses treatment and medication, and is severely manic. I reached out to Dennis for guidance after consulting with a psychologist who treats women with personality and mental disorders like Bipolar. I've read articles, tried online support groups, and have researched mental health resources where we live.

 Dennis provided an honest, direct assessment of the situation with my sister, confirming that I am powerless to help my sister if she does not want to be helped. He provided feedback and strategy on interactions I have with my sister, how to handle them, preserve my own mental and emotional health, and guide her towards the help she needs when we interact. It is clear to me that Dennis has both an in depth understanding of the associated problems as well as the traditional lines of response that most everyone takes.

 While I have, at least on the periphery of the subject, thought many of the things Dennis expressed, his eloquence and directness bring new meaning, at least for me, to the depth and breath of the problems associated with loving and wanting to help someone with Bipolar Disorder, who doesn't want help and is untreated.

 Dennis a very good man who is committed to helping people who live in a world of conflicting choices about how to help and survive the interaction with a loved one who has mental health issues. He does not pretend to be a therapist and in fact, encouraged me to find a professional to help me work through my issues, which include feeling responsible for my sister's well-being, boundary setting, as well as preparing for the possibility of my sister never getting the help she needs or committing suicide.

 I feel like I can contact Dennis any time - and I have a friend who understands what I'm dealing with. My friends and husband, while well intentioned, have no clue how to support me because they haven't experienced this.

 Dennis is the best coach for how to deal with this cunning and baffling disorder!

 Bottom line, I trust him and his guidance.”

-Barbara P.

*     *     *     *     *

Dennis is a straight forward, honest and caring person. He is very knowledgeable regarding bipolar disorder and mental health issues and his advice have me direction, understanding, clarity and piece. His advice helped me immensely to better understand the situation I was going through with my bipolar girlfriend and have me great advice as to what I should and shouldn't do. I consider Dennis a friend and I'm thankful for the opportunity to have gotten to know him. I highly recommend his services for anyone searching for a better understanding of bipolar disorder.

-Phil J.

*     *     *     *     *

You know the great best friend that's always there, night or day, always knows just the right things to say, & is always smart & tells it like it is?

That's Dennis.

I found Dennis at a really crucial time for me, and i feel that he honestly saved my life. He doesn't know this, I'm sure, but I was very much on the edge. No one would give me straight-forward answers or talk to me in a plain, understandable way until Dennis.

My husband had been diagnosed with mental illness, but he wasn't the only one struggling, I was too. My husband wasn't even diagnosed with something familiar to Dennis, but he researched & talked to me in a knowledgeable, down-to -earth way that helped me at a time when I truly didn't know what to think or where to turn. 

Dennis doesn't mince words or try to downplay or pretty anything up - something I greatly appreciate, especially after all the " diplomatic" conversations I had previously with doctors, family and friends. He listens to you whine (sorry, Dennis), rant, vent, cry, & when any other friend would run for the hills, Dennis is still the voice of calm & reason. He tells you if you're being realistic or not, if you're being petty, or if you are being taken advantage of or played in any way.

If he lived close enough to talk with in person, I'm sure I would be standing in line just to buy him a cup of coffee (& gladly would Dennis! Any day!)

If my husband's psychiatrist had talked to me the way Dennis has, I would've had a much easier time dealing with all of it.

Thank you Dennis, from the bottom of my heart! 
You may not be able to change the events or circumstances that brought me into your blogging world, but you've made life my life more manageable, & absolutely saved my sanity.


*     *     *     *     *

I lost contact with my close friend with Bipolar Depression after I set off one of her triggers. She cut off all contact literally overnight. I wished to reestablish contact with her, but I wasn't sure if I could. I began searching google, literally with the search term, "How to talk to someone with bipolar depression." Dennis' wordpress website popped up. I began reading some of his posts, got to his main website, and decided to bite the bullet and get his opinions directly.

 Before contacting Dennis I was backtracking and second guessing every action I took in the twelve year friendship I had with my friend. I talked to him through email and he gave me more understanding as to what happened when she cut me off, and what I could do to resolve the issue. He assured me that it took time for her to reestablish a connection. I also read many of his posts, which are INCREDIBLY helpful, and helped me to determine what I can say to help ensure this does not happen again. In short, he gave me peace of mind, and a resolve to move forward and pursue my continued friendship.

 Dennis broke everything down for someone who is on the outside, looking in. He provided thoughts, and then examples to show what he meant and how it would help.

 I now have a clearer understanding of how I can help my friend, once we reestablich contact.

I believe I have the tools to strengthen our relationship, so that we might not have these breaks again.

Dennis was very reassuring and gave me some confidence to move forward with establishing contact.

 The man is very good at what he does. His material alone is worth a small donation. I seriously recommend reading everything that looks helpful to you and your situation, and reach out to him! Dennis is incredibly friendly, and totally impartial. He just wants to help people. Sadly, I fell on to the lower end of the income spectrum, so I couldn't make a grand donation, and the suggested donation is actually small compared to similar services, incredibly reasonable, and 100% worth it, in my opinion.

 Thank you for all your help!

-Kent D.

*     *     *     *     *

Dennis’s down to earth and practical advice has helped me through tough times with my bipolar friend. His advice has given me the insight to understand what is going on and kept me on an emotional even keel. It is worth the money to buy his kindle books. They will make life better.

-Carol T.

*     *     *     *     *

About a year and a half ago, I met, dated and subsequently fell in love with a wonderful man who told me he has bipolar disorder. At that time, I knew pretty much nothing about bipolar. I equated it with crazy perhaps even violent behavior (all thanks to listening to the media..). And so I began my journey of learning as much as I could about the illness, from reading every book the local libraries had to offer, to going on mental health forums, to blogs and vlogs written by people living with the illness. And that is how I met Dennis (from Bipolar Manifesto).

I bombarded the poor guy with question after question! Yet each time, he patiently answered each and every one of them. I can not even begin to explain just how much help Dennis was to me. And still is!
Because he is living with the illness himself, he has an 'insider's view' of what it is like to live with bipolar. That was invaluable to me. I found the more I learned about bipolar, the more my boyfriend would go mute on the subject. He did not like to discuss all. In fact, sometimes he would get angry if I brought it up. So I would turn to Dennis with my questions, and concerns. Dennis helped alleviate my fears regarding mental illness.

I follow him on facebook, and read each post he puts out, because I am still learning from him, plus I also enjoy his writing. He tells it like it is, and I love how he openly shares his story. I will continue to read and learn from him.

Thank you Dennis, for everything.

all my best,

*     *     *     *     *

I consider myself lucky to have stumbled across your page. Loving somebody with Bipolar Disorder can be hard. Cleaning up the pieces after harsh words have been said and seemingly permanent wounds have been etched into our memory is heartbreaking. Being able to move forward without an apology or true understanding of what went wrong may seem improbable If not impossible. And yet, here I am. Forward. No question was too trivial and no detail too personal. Your answers were sometimes very raw but always honest and so full of hard earned truths that I listened with a vengeance. You are doing very important work here in a somewhat non-traditional way but it doesn't make it any less effective. I learned more from you than I did from my therapist who just kept telling me to move on when moving on was the last thing I was capable of doing at that moment. If more people understand the incredible challenges a person with mental illness faces perhaps there will be less of a societal stigma and more acceptance. You help not only those with mental illness but the people who love them. I'm not sure many have that ability to provide such accurate perspectives from both sides of the fence. 

Thank you Dennis.


*     *     *     *     *

Hey Dennis, I wanted to thank you for helping me so much. You were the voice of a friend that I didn’t have- who I thought understood what was going on with my friend. Unfortunately, I am still left guessing about all of that. But you really offered me insight that I needed. Especially when you told me all these wonderful things my friend had said to me were just words. I think I needed to hear that. And I trusted that it was important information.. because where I’m from, words mean something. But you saw through the words, I think, and into the fact that there was nothing real behind them. So I am left guessing about this person (psychopath?), but it’s only because that’s how he wants it. But you literally were the only one I could talk to about what was going on with me and it really helped. I am so thankful that you are doing what you are, because people need to hear the truth the way you tell it. No BS, no candy coating. Thanks Dennis.


*     *     *     *     *


I found you at a time when I really needed someone to talk to. Things were going on with me and the people that I cared about. Some tried to understand what was going on with me and others just did not understand and did not want to try to understand. Your advice and putting into practice some of the things you told me were very helpful. I also felt encouraged and hopeful that I could work things out. And I did. You were a big help to me at a time when I really needed someone to understand and help. I don't feel like I need the help anymore that I needed back then. You helped me to stand on my own two feet much better and I thank you profusely for that.


*     *     *     *     *


When I was 18, I was diagnosed with a comorbidity of Type 2 Bipolar and ADHD. I stumbled upon your site one day while I was searching for anything I could find pertaining to the difficulties of maintaining relationships and friendships with a bipolar person. I immediately clicked the link when I saw that the title of your post was word for word what I was searching for.

All I can say is that I wish I would have found your blog sooner. I spent a good two hours reading your writing and it brought me to tears. Before discovering your writing, I had never found anything else out there that spoke to me. You have pretty much put the emotions I have been feeling into words. It has helped me to understand myself, which results in me becoming aware of my actions and recognizing when I'm hypomanic, when I'm depressive, and when I'm balanced. I started journaling to keep track of my moods.

This e-mail doesn't do my thoughts justice. I have a hard time communicating and expressing my ideas. There's so much more I want to say, but I can't formulate the sentences at the moment.

I have been in a dark place for a while now, and it's truly comforting to know that there's someone out there that shares similar experiences. It gives me hope.

I want to thank you for existing, even though I don't know you. You've helped me in a way that I wasn't expecting.

Forever grateful,


*     *     *     *     *

Personally, I do not have bipolar disorder, but I am a sufferer of BD cuz I am in love with a guy who has it. I study psychology, I have a clear idea about what all the symptoms are, I thought I knew a lot with my education and knowledge. However, when I fall in love with a bipolar guy, when I tried to have a relationship with him, I realized I know too little, I underestimate the influence of bipolar disorder. I have no idea about how to handle it, I am happy sometimes, but also I feel so confused, so upset, so worried, so heart broken. In order to to know more about this mental disorder, I keep reading books and websites, and THANK GOD!!! I found this website!!!!! I have so many questions in mind, so many doubts, I have absolutely no one I can talk to cuz they know nothing about BD, until I talk to Dennis. With his patient, he answered all my questions, help me to analyse my current situation, cheer me up, help me to think rationally. Every time I talk to him, i understand more, and I feel much better. Besides, reading his blog helps me to get a deeper understanding and insights of how things go insides bipolar’s mind. I am really grateful about Dennis’s effort of making this, and being with me when I need someone to talk to. Thank You!!


*     *     *     *     *

I came across bipolarmanifesto about six months ago and have been speaking to Dennis ever since.

My initial email to him was answered promptly. I did not expect that. Dennis had helped me try to understand my loved ones illness. Also, how to attempt to breakdown his unwell thoughts. Dennis is extremely knowledgeable, and with the information provided to me by Dennis I was able to at times, communicate with my loved one a little better. At the very least, I was able to have a better understanding of his illness. In the end, I was unfortunately unable to help my loved one.

The last month has been hell for me and I have needed Dennis more than ever. He has been there for me on countless occasions. He listens to me cry, laugh, be angry...anything. He will just listen if that's what I need. He gives his honest opinion, even if it means telling me I'm wrong or my thinking is off. He knows when I'm doing ok and knows when I'm not thinking correctly and will call me on it. Dennis has even checked up on me at times if he has not heard from me. He definitely goes above and beyond to help.

I feel that Dennis always has my best interest in mind. I know he truly cares about the people he is trying to help. This is not about money for him. I certainly have not donated as much as he deserves. I don't think there is enough money in the world to repay him for what he has done for me. I honestly do not know where I would be today if I didn't have Dennis. I am very grateful for him. Thank you Dennis....for everything.


*     *     *     *     *

I really appreciate the info in your blogs and the advice given to me when I was trying to help a family member.and you responded so fast.. provided me with a lot of great advice and I know you are helping more people that have this diagnosis. ...thanks so much!


*     *     *     *     *

I am not bipolar myself but my husband was. He passed away on November 11, 2001. He suffered from rapid cycling bipolar and it was definitely a huge factor in his death. I support your blog and wish there had been this kind of support for him. Keep up the good work!


*     *     *     *     *

Proof that this site is working. To Dennis and everyone that is close to someone that is bipolar/manic/depressed/women that appear to be constantly on the rag or going through menopause everyday...I posted that my wife left me without any warning or signs of anything wrong...with divorce papers served immediately after. Hair dyed 3 different colors, loss of 30 lbs weight in 2 months, emotionless towards me, ...bc she got away from things she loved like dance and hello kitty. One semester from graduating with a complex science degree coming to a halt to pursue her dreams in choreography... This was the most unhealthy I have ever been searching for answers and trying to understand what was going on and if she was even ok. I read everyone's posts and have been you...wondering if I'm the one that is crazy and need to be baker-acted (committed). ...with the only clues left being her coming up to me saying "there is something wrong with me that has been wrong with me my entire life." ...and Manic Depression being up on the computer...not even knowing what it was.

Because of Dennis, and a few close friends... well... to be honest, and faith and believing that true love really does exist... I did what he and a few close friends told me to do. While she was gone obsessed with dance and studying nonstop for her degree at her alcoholic rapid-cycling reclusive Mom's house, I was given a very rare opportunity to buy a bar in an area that had a waiting list waiting for it...just because of technicalities with my previous owners, of which, was an incredible outlet for me to do my artwork and use my business degrees. This stuff really turns you upside down, of which you all know. I would be up til 5 AM auto airbrush painting the floors and ceilings bc it was the only quiet time I had uninterrupted. I was sit there covered in paint crying some nights praying to God that if I got this bar done correctly that he would let me have my wife back.

Dennis told me to not contact her, which for my circumstance, was important for myself because her misdiagnosis for major depression when it should have been manic depression... and helped me understand how to react if I want to help the person that I care about more than myself be ok again. I broke down one night and sent her pictures of my artwork... and we vaguely began texting again once every other week.

Then finally, my grand opening, I finished and was letting my staff coast... she text me wishing me luck. I was haunted by a friend telling me that I need to reach out bc she lost her bipolar brother to a drug overdose; so I replied thanking her and had said verbatim what Dennis told me to say to her initially about how i wanted to talk and never gave her a reason not to trust me...etc etc etc... but very simple; and I was half drunk and told her that I wanted to talk but was afraid to... and she understood but wanted to meet sooner than later. So I made it clear that I couldn't do that to myself again and that she needed to be very honest or I was going to walk away. She agreed and wanted to be honest about everything. I made her come to my bar at 1 AM and I was cold at first until I knew it was her I was looking at... and we basically spent 4-5 hours hugging and crying.

We are sort of taking it slow-ish... and I can say this and I'm sure everyone reading this can understand...God I fucking missed her. She and I are actively "getting help so she can understand herself and what happened." Counseling and proper diagnosis for her first and then couples counseling for both of us...and for me so I don't hold anything against her passive aggressive.

There is so much shitty stuff online of things bipolar people do to their friends, famiily, spouses, anyone that they interact with. It's not over yet for me, but I want to say after 8 months of hell, I'm no different than alot of you. If you really love someone, of which you wouldn't be on here otherwise, aren't the only one. And yes, they will have this forever. But it can be managed... and maybe your relationship can be stronger than ever before if you listen to what Dennis and others on here tell you. The hardest thing is patience and understanding.

Sorry for being windy with this novel, but I'd like to be the first one to give you a success story and provide light at the end of the tunnel. Even if it only impacts one reader... I was just one person alone that had everything without the glue that made my life worth living.

I'm lucky enough to have come into a bar in a great area. And for being someone money driven, I can honestly say, I don't give a fuck about money...I'm doing this bar for everyone and anyone to feel like they are a part of something. I felt like I already lost everything when she she was hit by a bus... and now she is back and actively getting help with my help. My advice is to take this time to understand yourself if you really care about the person you love and find ways to compartmentalize your own mindset and build a realistic tactic. If this person made you feel the way she made me feel, it was worth the hardest 8 months of my life.

Thank you Dennis and I am willing to help you in any way I can. If people understand, they truly can help. Actually, I'm not even thanking you. You guided me back to life man. She is my life. You are a saint.


*     *     *     *     *