Bipolar Manifesto Mission Statement


Provide actionable, useful information that anyone can use...

...that does not necessarily speak to a particular creed, religion, or belief.

...that provides a direction, a starting place to the person seeking one.

...that is rooted in truth, fact, and routes of proven, documented success.


Wage war against the stigma that prevents the mentally ill from seeking help... never aggrandizing mental illness as something special. acknowledging the pain and suffering that we inflict on those that love us. empowering the mentally ill to stand up for themselves from a foundation of fact.


Attempt to preserve the life situations of the mentally ill and their loved ones... treating the suffering of our loved ones as equal to our own struggles. advocating use of social services and programs that can help us survive and thrive. encouraging the mentally ill to pursue wellness in whatever way they can.


Attempt to heal the rifts between the medical profession and alienated mentally ill... encouraging the mentally ill to be proactive in knowledge of their diagnosis and treatment. accepting that not all doctors or professionals are knowledgeable about our problems. encouraging people to not place blind faith in anyone, even those that have earned trust.


Draw out those that suffer in silence, speak for those that have not found their voice... combating ignorance in the many forms that it presents itself in. being open about mental illness, to visibly demonstrate we are not as alone as we feel. accepting that we are different, but are still capable of gainful, productive lives.


To not excuse or condone the negative behavior that does occur... never just letting it slide without apology and run unchecked. accepting that not everyone wants help or to help themselves. acknowledging that there are toxic people who also happen to be mentally ill.


To maintain clear distinction between what I am, and am not... remembering that I am a mental health consumer, not a professional. remembering to respect privacy, but honor matters of mandatory reporting. remembering that life experience is a different body of knowledge than clinical.


To preserve oneself in the pursuit of these goals... drawing clear boundaries, enforcing them, allowing no one to take more than offered. not investing oneself in the outcome of the effort, but in keeping people moving forward. acknowledging one's own mental well-being must come first. Period.